“The way I respond to fear is by shutting other people.” Being an introvert is one of the reasons why people cannot see me jaded. I do hide. I do until I muster enough strength. But sometimes, I get a little late between polishing my armor and wearing it. People come and go, best friends come and go. And I just watch. I am actually the person who, one day, you’ll remember out of nowhere. However, you won’t know what’s become of me. Because I am that person who walks away before things get too complicated. I don’t do complicated. My mind is too complex for me to anyway deal with drama. Instead, I do simple. The way I respond to fear is by refusing to settle. With moving on, I find peace since I don’t have to worry about me scarring the person or myself. It is an arrangement that keeps me healthy. We all have our battles, and if you find a way of dealing that does not leave you with a restless sleep, please do it. You only have the answer. And if it leads to your downfall, the universe will find a way to get you back on track. Maybe the way I am is wrong. But it is working as the days when I feel both mentally and physically exhausted are decreasing. Letting go looks safe in my world.


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